Family Planning Services

This program help clients make a reproductive life plan.

The Family Planning program is designed to help clients make a reproductive life plan… you decide if and when you have a baby. We offer free or low-cost birth control methods based on income.

Birth Control Methods available are: oral contraceptive pills, depo provera injections, condoms, IUD’s – Mirena, Kyleena, & Liletta, and Implants – Nexplanon.

Other services included are:

  • Physical exams with appropriate lab tests and follow up of abnormal findings
  • Sexually transmitted disease screenings
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Private, confidential health services
  • Emergency contraception

Appointments are necessary and cost is based on income.

Working Hours

Monday - Friday 8:15AM - 5:15PM
Call (910) 671-3408 or (910) 671-3462 for more information
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