Robeson County Health Department

Nation’s oldest rural health department

Established in 1912, the Robeson County Health Department is recognized as the nation’s oldest rural health department. We are also recognized as one of North Carolina’s most comprehensive public health departments.

Our Mission

Our mission is for all residents to achieve the highest level of health possible through our identification and reduction of health risks; detection, investigation and prevention of the spread of disease; promotion of healthy lifestyles and a safe and healthy environment; promotion of the availability and accessibility of health care services through the private sector; and the provision of quality health services to those in need.

Board of Health

The Board of Health is the policy and rulemaking authority for the Health Department. Members are residents of the county and are selected by the County Board of Commissioners to fill various roles required by statue.

Board of Health Members

Board of Health Members include:

  • Dr. Sonya Chavis – Chairman
  • Edwards Henderson – Co-Chairman
  • Andrea Chappell, R.Ph.
  • Bonnie Canady
  • Ashleigh Freeman, MD
  • Larece Hunt
  • Mary Ann Masters, O.D.
  • Erickia McNair, RN
  • Steven Smith, D.D.S
  • Josh Walters, P.E.
  • Tom Taylor, County Commissioner

Board of Health Meetings are open to the public. Please call (910) 671-3403 for more information and meeting dates.