COVID 19 Updates

COVID-19 Positive Case Report for Robeson County Residents

December 3 - December 9, 2022

Total number of positive cases this period
Total number of positive cases since March 21, 2020

Total number of deaths associated with Covid this time frame – 1

Total number of deaths associated with Covid since March 21, 2020 – 581 (per NCDHHS Dashboard) – 581

All metrics – viral load in wastewater systems, cases, and ER visits and hospitalizations due to Covid – increased this week. Of particular note was that cases almost doubled over this time frame statewide as opposed to last week. This could be directly attributed to Thanksgiving and other indoor gatherings at the end of November. Remember the 190 cases that were attributed to Robeson County could actually represent 500 or 600 cases when home testing is accounted for.

The state remains without any counties that are “red” (high) on CDC’s Community Transmission Map. Robeson County remains low in transmission (“green”).

Robeson County now has 6% of its eligible population vaccinated with the bi-valiant vaccine. This is the lowest percentage of any county in North Carolina. As it takes two weeks to be fully effective, the window is closing for any benefits to be derived by Christmas.

This reflects the last routine report to be provided. Going forward, sentinel events will be posted as they occur. While the Covid numbers will continue to increase through the next months, this fact in and of itself does not appear to be enough reason to get vaccinated.